Your brand identity isn’t just a logo or a color scheme; it’s a promise of what your business stands for. We believe that effective branding forms the cornerstone of your business, distinguishing you from competitors and influencing public perception.

Our commitment to great branding extends to building trust through uniform and strategic graphic design. We offer straightforward, honest advice, ensuring that every aspect of your brand – from digital presence to print materials – is cohesively and purposefully aligned with the core values of your business.

Brand Workshop

Our brand workshop provides a deeper understanding of your business and ensures your brand identity has substance. Our clients find this stage beneficial too, as it makes you consider your business from multiple angles, raising important points for discussion. During the workshop, we'll work with you to outline your brand's past, present and future, and identify your competitors.

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Brand Strategy

Who are you, why did your company start, where do you want to be? We learn as much about your company and competitors as possible during our brand discovery to ensure we’re all on the same page. Armed with that information, we create your positioning statement, identify brand values, and plan a path for the visual identity that represents your business and attracts the right customers.

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Brand Identity

Consistency is key to making your brand recognisable, and a strong visual identity ensures every element of your brand - typography, colour palette, imagery and layout - have a clear direction. We use our brand strategy and research as the foundation to create brand guidelines that are unique, diverse, and aimed towards your specific target market. Your brand identity is then ready to be rolled out across all your graphic design requirements, helping you build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Logo Design

A logo is a small, but key part of any brand. A solid brand mark will be recognisable, appeal to your target market and be adaptable to all media. Our logo designs work with your brand to form part of the overall picture.

  • The Bookwork Co Logo
  • Lucky Pet Logo
  • Darlington Farms Logo
  • All Good Things Logo
  • Siblings Kirra Logo
  • Volando Tequila Logo
  • Joov Logo
  • Bean Bags R-Us Logo

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