Our efficient approach to projects takes advantage of our multi-disciplinary services to create design and strategy solutions. Our brand strategy planning process means we don’t skip a beat.


We hear you. We listen to your business objectives and help plan a clear direction and strategy. By removing clutter and distraction we get to the core of what, why and how with clients before commencing any design project. Good design requires well planned content, whether it’s brand design, communication or imagery – we’ll make sure it’s on point with your vision.

Kaliber Studio band design process, plan, create, deliver


We’re design addicts, problem solvers and strategists. With an understanding of your goals, we conceptualise, innovate, and design your project with passion, ever attentive to ensure that ‘form follows function’creating result-driven designs. Working closely with our clients, we reach the final design solution – on brand, on purpose.

Kaliber Studio band design process, plan, create, deliver


A good design result comes down to skilled execution, whether it’s brand identity, print production, photography, or a web and digital project. We leverage our complementary set of services to deliver your design and strategy solution. The true test is not only that it looks great, but that it communicates your brand message. We deliver brand experiences.

Kaliber Studio band design process, plan, create, deliver


The sum of this design strategy forms part of a brand. A brand is more than a logo, more than a single design. A brand is the result of the plan, create, deliver process done well. It’s the overall image of your company, the message it communicates to your customers, the promise of who you are. Let Kaliber build your brand.

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